Never Settle..

“You are not just a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.”

In my art, and in my life i aim to reflect the idea of “never settling”

We shouldn’t jump at the first offer we get and we also shouldn’t feel like where we’re at in this moment determines the rest of our life and outcomes. 

The media has put so many values on us as a society to act or be a certain way.

In a world that tries to tell you what you should want, it is essential to figure out what you need.


We were made to shine.

We were created to be unique. 

We were called to be in the world, but not apart of it.

So we must never settle for anything less than the greatest love, the greatest adventures and the most beautiful life with abundant blessings.

Blessing others while gaining blessings ourselves. 

You always have a choice, make them wisely.

Know yourself, and know your worth. 

Stay Blessed. 


Deja V



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