Making The Most of Memories..

So i recently went to an awesome music festival, Okeechobee in the lovely state of Florida.Unknown

Making the decision to go to a festival with absolutely no one i knew might have been a great decision to make great memories and discovering things about myself. 

During the festival i had my wallet stolen and then i lost my phone, in that moment when i realized these things were missing i didn’t freak out or have a heart attack, for i realized these are just material things and they don’t make my experience.

I needed to realized i should be living in the moment and not worrying about things i can’t control.

When would i ever be back in this same place at this exact time?

I needed to turn something that could be seen as negative into something positive because everything happens for a reason.

When we get upset over things we can’t control we lose out on making good memories.

People say “oh if you didn’t post it on Instagram, did it really even happen?”

You don’t need to document every single moment in your life to have great memories.

The best memories can be the ones where you don’t have your phone out trying to capture everything.

Start living in the moment and use your eyes as your camera,

look up,





Check out some videos:

Waiting, Anticipating


check out the scene



All the things we take for granted can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Surrounding yourself with good vibes and good people is only part of it.

Going to a music festival has helped me realize a lot of things and how you can always find positive in the negative.


Deja V




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