Black Girl, You Are Beautiful.


Light Skin

Straight Hair

Blue Eyes

Size 2


Growing up in a generation where black women are constantly being told that what they naturally posses will never amount to the standard of beauty can take a toll on the mental.

Do you know the power of the mind? Do you know how destroyed black women are and don’t even know it

  Black women who are beautiful, dark-skinned, successful, and non-conforming bear the burden of the hatred of blackness and the powerful femme noire.

You become the target because you don’t fit into the stereotypical view of how a woman should look and act to be considered acceptable.

Yet, we divide ourselves. “Light-skin verses Dark-skin”

How can we expect others to accept us when we don’t even accept each other.

There goal is to divide us and look around! It’s working!

“Fuck european standards of beauty.”

I personally lost my culture at a young age.

I wanted to be like them, i wanted to have what they had.

At the age of 21, i’m finally finding my blackness and i wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Wear your hair as nappy as it can get and smile so bright your dark skin aluminates because it has the power to heal.

Deep chocolate brown girl, you deserve fancy dresses for your tall and hour glass figure just like everyone else.

You deserve for your accomplishments, successes, and victories to be celebrated and not met with hateful slurs that strip your humanity from you.

I’m not writing this to shame other women, Black women have had it the hardest through out many generations and aren’t celebrated like they should be for their excellence.

You deserve everyone to lend you an ear so that your experiences can be heard, uninterrupted.

Ebony Skin

Coarse Hair

Beautiful Curves

Luscious Lips

The most powerful women in the world. 

(you just don’t know it yet)


Deja V



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