Pain is Temporary, A loss is forever.

You know the saying “if you love something set it free and if they truly love you, they’ll come back…” but does anyone ever hear the ending of that story?

Does that something/somone ever come back?

If you look around, you will notice how people stay building walls, as many as possible so they can feel safe, secure, and to protect themselves from the outside world and the danger that comes with it.

I like to think that people are good, that we are all good deep down inside, and that maybe, because of some past and unpleasant events, because of some misfortunes, because we’ve been hurt and injured emotionally in the past, they now wear all kind of masks, in order to protect themselves from being hurt again.

Now, they are afraid of themselves, they are afraid of their own feelings and emotions, they are afraid to love again, because they now know that with love comes pain.

They are now acting in a destructive way towards themselves and towards others,  causing pain, not only to themselves, but also to those around them.

It  seems quite hard to understand that it’s not so much about what happens to you that is causing you so much pain, but rather how you choose to process all of  these events and information.


So what if you have been hurt by other people in the past?

So what if there is anger, hate and bitterness in the world?

 Dont focus on the ugly and negative focus on the beautiful and positive; Slowly opening your heart.

Love, laugh, dance and play. (as cliches as that sounds)

Do all those things that make you happy, and don’t let some past events keep you in a dark place.

Be true to yourself. Get out of your self made prison, give up your shields, give up your masks and decide that it’s time for you to start living again.

It’s time for you to allow the world to see how powerful and how loving you really are.

No more protecting from the outside world.

Embrace what is,

don’t resist it,

don’t fight against it,

don’t hide from it,

and just allow it to be, knowing that pain is temporary.

AND always remember control is an illsuion.


Deja V


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