Expressed Out !

I had the pleasure of serving as a brand ambassador for Express on campus this spring at the University of South Carolina.

What’s an Express brand ambassador?

ExpressU Campus Ambassadors nationwide help to bring the EXPRESS brand voice to life by increasing awareness of the brand’s most recent collections: EXP Core, One Eleven, and spring/summer-focused products.

Express chooses influential ambassadors that generate buzz about the program by executing on-campus events and sharing original and unique social content created by them. It allows ambassadors to position Express as the “go to” lifestyle brand. Students also take advantage of a newly launched student discount in addition to other amazing opportunities.

(Using your college card at Express gets your 15% off)

College isn’t just about earning a degree, it’s about finding your place.  My experience was awesome from meeting new friends, to attending events, to getting fit and focused, Express wanted to be there for every milestone.

 Getting to put on events paired with organizations and putting myself out there always excites me! I was also paired with 3 other EBA at USC that helped with the events as well. We made a good team and seeing everything that we would plan come to life was great! Not to metion the compensation Express would give for every event made it a breeze.

To conclude,

Here are some of my favorite outfits that Express gifted me with!

If interested in becoming an Express Brand Ambassador email  for the 2017 – 2018 school year!

Remember to stay inspired xoxo


Deja V


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