My Morning Routine !

Morning routines are my favorite way to feel organized and productive, so I thought I’d share the my simple step-by-step process I use to create them! If you’re not an early riser (which I totally get) you can use these steps to create a routine for whatever time you wake up – it’ll work just as well.

Let’s get straight into it!


》》》5:30AM 》》》

Morning Run

A nice run in the morning to get the day started is exactly what I need to get my blood pumping and my adrenaline up! The mood boost I get from running in the morning is so incredible. The shower after is even better. 😋

The biggest benefit of a morning run? Guaranteeing it gets done! The longer you put off your workout, the more likely you’ll bail.

“There’s magic is misery- Ask any runner”

Exercising soon after waking up gives your metabolism the swift kick in the butt it sometimes needs. Odds are, you will not only remember to eat breakfast before heading out, but it will taste remarkably better.

》》》6:30AM 》》》

Nice, Hot Shower 

Self-explanatory; but the benefits of a morning shower with a few minutes of cool water at the end, can energize the body and help stimulate the lymphatic system. We also cleanse numerous toxins that are discarded through our sweat. Morning showers help to wash them away.

(Trader Joes’s Tea Tree Tingle is amazing!)


》》》7:00AM 》》》


I’m sure many of you know the benefits of meditation and how it reduces stress and improves your overall aura. I do it because of the increase of self-awareness. A lot of times we get so sucked into our phones, social media, and the things that distract us daily we forget to unplug. Meditation daily helps with this.

Meditating daily helps with this.


》》》7:15AM 》》》


After I’m done getting dressed and “dolled up”, its time for breakfast!

My go-to breakfast is a smoothie! I love having my fruits and veggies early right after a run it makes me feel great!

I usually mix berries, mangos, kale, bananas, and chia seeds together to create a perfect blend of happiness.

Other things I may eat ( depending on time ) are tofu scramble or avocado toast

I finally grab my keys and im off!


Morning routines are the most powerful when they require as little decision-making as possible. This is because your decision-making ability is like a water that replenishes every day.

Look over your morning routine plan and make sure there is no (or very little) decision making required. This means decision-heavy activities like choosing your outfit are best for the night before.

Now that you’ve got your plan, make a committed effort to do it for the next 7 days, regardless of whether you’ll be starting on a Monday or not. This is the best way to kickstart the habit!

Stay productive my friends!



Deja V


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