2nd Blogiversary!


DejaVaughn.com turns 2 today!

 Annnnd just like that…I’m celebrating 2 rocky years of blogging!

I know there would be times I would go MIA for months and then I’d be back on a roll. This crazy thing called life hits and you just have to roll with the punches.

HOWEVER, today I’m going to share why I started my blog and my experience on blogging so far. I’ll also share some tips on how anyone who wants to know about the world of blogging or needs help, can get started!


Growing up I had many interests that I’ve always enjoyed sharing with others.

I would spend time making personalized binders, videos, and writing in notebooks filled with inspirational posts in hopes of gathering all my thoughts. I always had the right intentions of sharing what I loved, but never the right platform…until I considered blogging. After contemplating, I thought, why not? I simply wanted to honestly share what I love with people of similar interests. And what better way of doing that.


Blogging As a Hobby

Blogging has become such a big market in the past few years. Why? Who doesn’t like sharing their 2 cents? It’s fun, interactive, and has many benefits. Also, I have connected and met some great people through blogging which has been a lot of fun! If you want to try blogging and if you’re ready to share your interests on a different platform, try it out. If you have valuable information to share, what’s stopping you? There is nothing to lose.

If you have valuable information to share, what’s stopping you? There is nothing to lose. Everyone has opinions and it’s valid to share, especially if its encoraging♥


My Blogging Must-Haves/Must-Dos

Lastly, I’m sharing my favorite blogging must-haves that I highly recommend;

  1. Professional camera: Once I started taking pictures with my Canon Rebel, I felt like it brought my pictures to the next level. Quality photos are what people want to see!
  2. Pictures aesthetic: If you check out my Instagram, you’ll notice I love using a pink hue for editing to take my photos, it makes them more eye appealing and clear. It also represents my personality!
  3. Plan Ahead: The key to getting things done is to write it down and actually remembering to do it. I like to plan a week in advance of what I’d want to talk about to followers; that way you can gather thoughts throughout the week and have it written down before you actually post it.


I am currently blogging on WordPress, which is hosted by Bluehost. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I love helping others join me on this blogging journey!


I really appreciate the constant support, So thank you.♥

I hope you found these tips helpful. It’s never too late to start doing something you enjoy! xoxo



Deja V


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