Nightly Routine

As we prepare for another semester of ups, mental break-downs, the good, the bad, and even the down right ugly- it’s never too late to perfect a night routine to make you feel like you’re ready to conquer your next adventure of emotions for the following day.

I find that having a set routine helps you to mentally stabilize scattered thoughts and it also helps you cross everything off your to-do list in an organized manner giving you that relieved feeling.


After a long day on campus or work, I get home…. An average evening begins like so….



I come home, light a candle, start some tea (candy cane green tea from Trader Joe’s is my favorite) and change into some comfy clothes. While sipping on tea I’ll usually scroll around on social media oh millennials, right? but its what we do.

Around 7:45pm

You hear that?- around this time my stomach is screaming after a long day lacking nutritional food. I’ll start to make dinner. A typical dinner for me would consist of stir-fry packed with many vegetables, tofu, and brown rice. I’ll top it with a savory teriyaki sauce and complement it with a nice glass of water with hints of apple cider vinegar. Yum! 

If not I’ll make a sandwich or I would have been out to dinner with friends before coming home.


After my stomach is content, It’s time to do some slight work. Whether that’s responding to emails, homework from professors, editing photos/videos or editing a blog. I use that time to cross things off my to-do list.



Around this time I’m usually tired (I’m a grandma😋) and its time to lay it down.

I shower in the morning after my runs so I’ll usually wash my face using TraderJoe’s cruelty-free lavender salt scrub and finish with my Olay moisturizer followed by vaseline on my lips to keep them dry-free.

I’ll wrap my hair and it’s off to sleep I go!


Set the alarms, drink your water, and get your 8 hours in of zzzz.

Tomorrow you’ll be ready to take on the day!

Stay productive my friends!





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